We believe that all seniors should be treated with love, respect and dignity.

Bubbe & Zayde’s Place is a unique senior residential facility offering care for both the body and soul.

Bubbe & Zayde’s Place offers a holistic approach to meeting the various and constantly changing needs of your loved ones.  We strive to provide the best care possible to our residents in an effort to help them maintain their sense of independence while also feeling like part of a community.

We combine culture and tradition with premiere senior services to create a comfortable family setting that our residents call home.

We want to hear about your family. Contact us and let’s bring our families together.

Our Story

Our Founder, Bonnie Curkin

“In the summer of 1998, Bubbe & Zayde’s Place officially opened and was ready to serve the community with the physical, social and emotional needs of seniors. I had a dream of homes that would treat our elderly with dignity, respect and the opportunity to mingle with others in a beautiful atmosphere. A place where our elderly would have the chance to volunteer and feel needed. A place where elderly would visit in each others homes. A place where our elderly would live final years in peace, contentment and community involvement. 

With the help of many people starting with my sister Marcia, family members and a great team of people, Bubbe & Zayde’s Place began to grow and our good reputation became known throughout the community, city and with state officials.

We worked tirelessly to provide all that we promise. Over the years numerous prominent members of our community including medical, legal and political professionals have elected to place family members with us, knowing there would be quality care and trust.

Bubbe & Zayde’s Place continues with the next generation. Seth Curkin and wife Jenny both attorneys, left N.Y.C. with their children Adella and Ahsher to join their brother-in-law Shimon Cagan, E.M.T. and wife Mettia Curkin Cagan a social worker along with their children Aron, Yoni, Kayla and Ali.

Our circle of five homes sit on a lovely campus with gardens, fountains, children, small dogs, birds and bunnies.”

–Bonnie Curkin

What Happy Families Have to Say…

“My mother-in-law, Rochelle Gelman, had a smooth transition to Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. The staff is not only attentive they are intuitive. They are not only aware they are caring. Bubbe & Zayde’s Place has been the right choice.” – Lou Weiss, Gelman/Weiss Family T.V.T.

“We love having our mom at Bubbe & Zayde’s Place because it is such a caring environment. Any questions are always handled quickly and efficiently. Bubbe & Zayde’s Place is far superior to the large facility where she lived previously.” – Atty Barbara Boarnet

“Each of our parents lived at Bubbe & Zayde’s Place. It is the gold standard and very highly recommended.” – Dr. Alan & Paula Kanter