“I’m sorry it took so long to write about my families experience with Bubbe & Zaydes but better late then never. Its been over a year since my mom passed on. I was going through family problems and it was impossible for me to take my mom into my house. I looked around for a cozy place where my mom would feel like part of a family and I found it. Bubbe and Zaydes. From the first time I met with Bonnie I knew my mom would be happy. She was at Bubbe and Zaydes for more than nineteen months and every time i would stop by my mom was happy. No easy feet as I stopped by at least once a week to visit. From the pets that roam around, my mom loved the little dogs, to the friendly staff, I feel as she was in a great environment to live. No matter how much guilt I felt in not being able to care for my mom myself, I feel like I gave her a better place than mine to live. I really loved all the people there and I especially like the family setting Bubbe and Zaydes creates for our parents. G-d bless them.”
– Don Levine, February 2018

“I recently was at Bubbe and Zaydes Place for an open house. Wow. What a great facilty, 5 homes all intertwined. All i can say is that when the time comes I would be happy to call Bubbe and Zaydes Place my home. Keep up the great work.”                                                  – Mark Edwards, January 2018

“Great work. Great place. Loving environment. Thanks for what you are doing for the community.”                                                                                                                                  – Mervyn Berzansky, March 2016





One thought on “Reviews

  1. Bubbe & Zayde’s Place is a unique facility for seniors — it’s more than a facility. It provides a home and a family, and a comfortable, caring environment for your loved ones in which to spend their advanced years.
    Marisa Kalt, November 2018

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